Enjoy the Process – The Beginning

Updated Oct 2020

This is the first time I am setting up a blog since the days when Xanga was popular!

There are numerous individuals who’s whose stories we read about after the fact of them “making it,” but hopefully my story will just be one of many who share their honest and real life testimonies while pursuing whatever goals it may be.

This blog will be a reflection of the journey I take through becoming an entrepreneur, a husband, a believer, now blogger and anything else that comes my way in life.

I hope you (reader number one and many others), will enjoy the process with me.

P.S. While attempting to make this first post, it took me some time to navigate the dashboard of WordPress, assuming filling out the “What’s on my mind” draft was sufficient in posting an article. Using the very basic and minimal layout for now (to minimize costs), while probably making many more mistakes, this is already a fun beginning in the process!