Dwelling on a Pasture

The sheep laid down in green pastures. She was comfortable. She was not hungry. She was safe.

Yet, the sheep wanted more.

When the clouds covered the sun, the sheep was disgruntled she could not lie in warmth.

Despite the abundant amount of food to eat, she was picky and wanted more than green grass.

She looked out beyond her pasture and wondered what else could be out there.

The ox grazed just beyond the pasture down in the valley. The land he dwelled on was hard and tough from all the toil of being worked on.

The ox did not know much else besides the work he had to do. He was grateful for what he had to eat, a mixture of dry, wilted grass and shrubbery.

He was not picky. He could not be. The ox lived a simple life. It did not seem like much, but he was content and found satisfaction in all that he did.

The chickens scuttled and roamed the land freely. They did not care so much about what to eat or how hard to work. They wanted to flutter around freely and so they did.

With their freedom, they explored more dangerous unknowns. Often in their wandering, many got lost. Some, even killed. To the others, this did not matter. So they continued to scurry from here to there, never settling down in one place.

The llama guarded the outskirts of the land. She was always on guard, for she knew the reality of evil and her enemies. She could not rest because her land was always a place of war.

Her children knew of nothing else and were raised to fight and protect the land. The llama could not even dream of what green pastures could possibly be.

Despite the vast different realities of the sheep, ox, chicken, and llama, they dwelled together on the same land.

Relative to each other, it was easy to compare and complain. The differences were too stark to not notice that the grass was greener on the other side.

The animals would never be able to comprehend their coexistence. But the shepherd cares and watches over all of them.