Cherish the Moments

Things I want to remember after being apart from my family for two months.


Remember how quiet and lonely the evenings can be.

Remember coming into an empty house sucks, especially at night.

Remember going to bed alone also sucks.

Remember not having a family around and having more time is not an excuse that you get more done.

Remember family makes you a better person: responsible, accountable, growth, joy, laughter, love, connection, intimacy, affection, surprises.

Remember orderliness is nice, but the amount of joy it can bring is limited.

Remember cooking for one is tiring, meal planning is tough.

In the moment

Remember feeling the anticipation and joy of reuniting with family.

Remember the immense feeling of joy and fullness when hugging my family.

Remember the wonder and amazement of your child, her warmth and cuteness.

Remember the indescribable surreal feeling of people who I know and love, being present in flesh is incomprehensible and amazing.


Remember being present with kids.

Remember kids are kids, and it is best to have the bigger picture in mind.

Remember to make sober-minded assessments and decisions.

Remember having your own time is not that great when it’s constantly your time.

Remember eating meals by myself is empty and joyless.

In the moment

Remember the late night, interrupted, tiring sleep.

Remember the whines and cries of a jet lagged, sick, over-stimulated baby.

Remember the content of gathering around a simple meal.

Remember the cranky, rude, scared child from sleeping alone.

Remember the messiness.

Remember the sheer joy and laughter from silly play.

Remember the wonder of playing with a ball and discovering new objects.

Remember the immense laughter and joy from an ordinary car ride home after dinner.

Remember, cherish the moments, because they will fly by.

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