Brainstorm Personal Mission Statement

The past few months I have revisited some old books like Think and Grow Rich, 7 Habits, as well as personal assessments. Today, I speed-listened to a video seminar by Jim Rohn (How to Live Your Best Life). I’m coming to a realization that the advice of the wealthy is very similar and has not really changed. I’m also realizing that I have come across these principles in the past, applied some aspects, but more recently have forgotten or ceased to practice some of those disciplines and principles. The greatest and most challenging of my most recent self-discovery and reflection is how weak my¬†why, my desire, my purpose has become. Reflecting on where I have come from till now, I went through a season of simply wanting money and financial freedom without much purpose and mainly because that is what the culture and world taught me. However, a shift happened while pursuing greater meaning, meeting and knowing God that veered me away from desiring or coveting such things, idols, and living by one of my own principles:

“True wealth is being content with what you have.”

While I believe this principle’s underlying virtue is gratitude and that gratitude translates to many positive fruits, the flip-side of it is that it has made me very complacent, as well as lack desires, direction, and purpose. Initially, my fervor after knowing God supplanted all other desires and while there is also much treasure to know that there is no other greater reward than to know God, translating to know self, I have and am operating in this seemingly confusing tension, under the “tyranny of or”. It is either God and only fulfillment there or the world and what it constitutes and not have God or God’s approval. While I am approaching a realization and somewhat indefinite conclusion that God is a mystery and some things I will never understand, I don’t want to lose this life-giving revelation, yet I want desire, direction, that will translate into something tangible here. Jim Rohn said a few things that stuck:

  1. If you don’t need or expect much, you won’t be much
  2. Not all profit and value is tangible, but one of the easiest measures is money
  3. Achieving financial freedom or lofty goals is more about what kind of person you become

Loving my wife, being an amazing and the best husband has been the primary goal the past four years and I think I have achieved this to the best degree based on what people say and by her affirmation. I don’t want to forget nor cease to be the best husband, however, I think… no I want something more.

Today is the day to reinitiate some loftier goals of personal development, to jump start the growth of a personal mission statement, discovering inner desires and external callings, to no longer exist, but to live, and grow in who knows how long I will have on this side of heaven, on this planet, Earth, this side of life as we know. So here goes, today, June 7th, 2018, 31 years old, ordinary Thursday in Vancouver, Canada, leaning on all past experiences, knowledge, advice, teaching, guiding and forming. A word vomit to assess and brainstorm my personal mission statement:

First, to know God, to love God, with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength. Despite all the mysteries, inconsistencies, issues with churches, hypocrisy of Christians, this greater narrative, greater force and presence in my life is undeniable, provides all other structure and meaning to why I seek more, why I do, why I love, why I live.

Second, to love my wife, my greatest gift, my partner, my friend, my helper, my house CEO, my home, my love. Four years in, could not have expected for this love to be stronger than the day we met; the love is so much better than the infatuation and the thrill. No matter what life throws our way, she will be number one priority, because at the end of the day, all the other great achievements and success pales in comparison. Nearly losing her is something to never forget, having her daily is something to always be grateful for.

Third, now this is where there has been much uncertainty, change, and now the most excitement! What goes here? Many will probably have within the top three something along the lines of occupation, career, profession, craft, vocation, or what have you. I know that none of these are principles to stand nor rest on, knowing how feeble they are. Many, maybe lumped with marriage or spouse is family. That definition being their own or perhaps immediate and/or relatives. With a child on the way, I know that will affect and shift my life in new and radical ways. But to build on that is not necessarily principle based. The same can be said about my wife. This is the strange dilemma that has kept me largely in passive action towards life. What is the point? Rohn would say, who knows? Keep it simple. And maybe that ought to be my key to filling this out.

“Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack ambition.” – N. Hill

  • Be the best husband
  • Be the best father
  • Financial freedom, pursue prosperity
  • Learn about community, impact community (relation building)
  • Physical fitness, strong core, flexible, healthy eating, cardio movement
  • Always learning, reading, observing, listening, challenging, writing
  • Good family member, to my parents and brother, to Gina’s parents and Jin, and to the extended we may come into contact with
  • Make the world a better place, conscious eating, recycling, cleaning, share hope and love to circle of influence
  • Focus on influence, not on the circle of concern (e.g. poverty, global church, technological destruction) (Covey)
  • Great darts player, compete in legitimate competition
  • Impact people positively. High EQ, communication, desire, and heart
  • Practice thanksgiving, generosity; combat consumerism
  • Pursue holiness, pursue God, word and deed, not just good morality; know the greater story and remember the story
  • Business? Corporation?
  • Blockchain technology? Linked with financial freedom?
  • Establish philosophy; don’t blame the resources (Rohn)
  • Coffee and beer cafe?
  • Global IQ/EQ?

Strange how there is a limit to desires when asked to put it on paper and list. Also interesting that I can’t put anything down in context to career or occupation. Yet, that is such a major concern for so many. Rohn: “To make a living verse to make a fortune.”

“In their hearts humans plans their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” – Proverbs 16:9 NIV

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