Beautiful House, Ugly Home

I recently moved into a new house. What a journey it has been from the initial far-fetched dream to this new reality. Buying a house has not been the hardest transition in life. Yet, it has certainly brought about significant challenges. Pair that with a marriage tested with one of the hardest challenges of having…… Continue reading Beautiful House, Ugly Home

An Intractable Amount of Intractable Issues

Intractable. “Not easily governed, managed, or directed. Not easily relieved or cured.”[1] “It is a hard word, and one we wish wasn’t. Whenever we find ourselves needing that word, we are in a miserable place. Sometimes marriages seem like that, and we can see no way other than more sorrow. … Then sometimes the issues…… Continue reading An Intractable Amount of Intractable Issues

Useless, Frustrated, Sinful

When people ask, “How is it being a father?,” I wish I can respond with these three words. However, because I want to avoid quizzical looks and long drawn out conversations, I would give in to the typical excitement and happiness that people have for our newborn. My daughter was born about one month ago…… Continue reading Useless, Frustrated, Sinful