Ads on a Plane

Planes now force you to watch their ads,
On the same scale as the flight safety video.

The slim chance that an emergency protocol would be needed,
Is followed by the statistically significant chance that the ad will influence us towards a brand.

The generous abundance of movies, shows, and games will keep the kids entertained and quiet,
Yet what will we sacrifice for the comfort and convenience of our flight and that of others?

How did our mothers fly with two kids halfway across the world without any screens?
Are we being draped with an illusion over our eyes that reality is boring and virtual is virtually appealing?

Do we lose a bit of our reality, or have we already lost it entirely,
With the technological advancement of a mini screen provided in front of every eye?

Or are we degenerating our eyes, minds, bodies, and soul,
With more blue light, less thinking, excessive stagnancy, and less conversation?

Do we tire of imaginative play with our kids?
Do we build an invisible barrier of a no converse zone with our neighbor?
Do we forego common courtesies of consideration in aiding those in need?

Our entertainment and pleasure is priority over waking someone when being called on,
Over helping someone with their bag,
Over a simple smile and hello.

It was annoying to be interrupted for the flight safety video,
But now we are lured back with an ad to download the airline app.

As if the appeal of entertainment was not already enough,
Now commercialization has been added to our digital cocktail comatose.

Thank you very much, it’s time to get back to the show.

Air Canada
Vancouver to Seoul
Dec 2023