Ads on a Plane

Planes now force you to watch their ads,On the same scale as the flight safety video. The slim chance that an emergency protocol would be needed,Is followed by the statistically significant chance that the ad will influence us towards a brand. The generous abundance of movies, shows, and games will keep the kids entertained and…… Continue reading Ads on a Plane

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Good to Discover

Humanity redeemed itself on this seemingly haunted ride
Instead it turned out to be filled of joyful surprises

Fire is my only friend tonight

Rustle in the trees, Big Dipper, Cassiopeia (auto corrected), Love Actually. Take me into Outer Space playing in my head.Snap, crackle, pop. Cool breeze, radiating heat, familiar scent.Quiet, wishfully, international chatter from the tent next door. Reminiscing, the memories from youth put a grin on my face.But they also reveal a hole in my heart.…… Continue reading Fire is my only friend tonight