Number Your Days of Marriage

When we number our days as a couple, then it is easier to appreciate the other in the present moment. When we number our days as parents, we find it more bearable to withstand the challenges of parenting. When we number our days, we know planning for our life ahead is a false expectation and entitlement towards the uncertainty of life.

Fire is my only friend tonight

Rustle in the trees, Big Dipper, Cassiopeia (auto corrected), Love Actually. Take me into Outer Space playing in my head.Snap, crackle, pop. Cool breeze, radiating heat, familiar scent.Quiet, wishfully, international chatter from the tent next door. Reminiscing, the memories from youth put a grin on my face.But they also reveal a hole in my heart.…… Continue reading Fire is my only friend tonight

Confession: I should be on the Ashley Madison list

It was only a few months ago, I remember doing my daily ritual of scanning CNN articles to stay abreast of current news, when I stumbled across a headline that read something along the lines of, “Ashley Madison hack ruined my life”. There was consistent coverage in the summer months to follow related to this…… Continue reading Confession: I should be on the Ashley Madison list

One Year Anniversary

– Dedicated to my beloved wife I realized this process wouldn’t be complete without an explanation of where the motto “enjoy the process” originated from. I’ll save the full story for another time, but basically it was the theme from the beginning of my relationship with my now wife. When we started dating, or what we…… Continue reading One Year Anniversary